I am vacationing in Alaska this week, and my only rule is to stop for any and all welcome signs.

The first city on my itinerary is Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city and home to nearly half of the state’s population.  Many visitors might miss the three – yes, three – welcome signs that are all within in a one-mile stretch on International Airport Road when entering the city from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  Luckily I was able to tear my eyes away from the imposing peaks on the horizon long enough to notice the signs.

(Truth be told, I noticed the signs before the mountains.  I’m just wired that way.)

Here they are, in order of appearance.


I must admit that the natural scenery is more interesting than these signs.  They don’t exhibit a lot of character.  But then again, neither does Anchorage.

Although I’ve only been in Anchorage a short time, my impression is one of a nondescript city, a bit rough around the edges.  Much like the signs.  But the simple fact that there are three signs is impressive.  Anchorage has more welcome signs than I any other city I have visited (yet).


2 responses to “Anchorage

  1. Photo number 3 seems to be AWOL, or is it up on the mountain?

  2. Laura Jackson

    Hopefully photo 3 is visible for you now!

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