Thirteen years ago this week I moved to Colorado.

It was meant to be a temporary home – just a year or two – before moving on to bigger places (I had my sights set on the East Coast).  And, except for a two-year experiment in the Eastern Time Zone (not quite the East Coast), Colorado has been my home since September 1997.

I distinctly remember navigating the winding hills of Raton Pass in my Mazda Protégé and seeing the welcome sign as I crossed from New Mexico into Colorado.  The welcome signs for Colorado remain the same today.

The word Colorado means “colored red” in Spanish.  Colorado is famous not only for its red rocks, but its blue skies, yellow sunflowers, green forests, purple columbines and orange sunsets.  The state’s motto – Colorful Colorado – reflects this beauty and diversity.

But the welcome sign is dull and lifeless, and doesn’t include any color.  NONE.  Unless you count white as a color that symbolizes the snow that has made Colorado skiing famous throughout the world.  (But I think that’s a stretch.)  In this photo I was at least able to capture some of the colorful landscape, but not all border crossings are as attractive as this one.

Some Colorado border crossings include a farewell to visitors, such as the one below.


4 responses to “Colorado

  1. There was a period lasting about five years in the early 90’s when all these signs were replaced with colorful orange and purple signs that read, “Colorado: Above All.” People hated the signs and the new slogan and wanted “Colorful Colorado” back as well as the old wooden signs. Amazingly, the decision was reversed, and the rustic design was returned!

    • Thanks for the history lesson – I didn’t know that!! I have a feeling I might have been in the minority on that one and would have preferred the sign with color.

  2. yellowrosefarm

    I’m from Colorado, but live in Oklahoma now. We go home every fall to visit our families. We too make the trek over Raton Pass and let me tell you, when that “Welcome To Colorful Colorado” sign appears, tears well up and I heave a big sigh. I’m HOME!

  3. I agree that the Signs could use some more “Color” but with Raton Pass I think it is pretty neat to drive through New Mexico and as soon as you get up the pass you can see Colorado’s Colors all around! I never gave it much thought until I read this Blog but I agree that they could use some more Color.

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